Now that the wretched 2014 Red Sox season is over and we have October wide open, I thought I’d spend a few minutes boring you with some personal information. For those of you that don’t follow me on Twitter (@DeadyTom) or Facebook (, I am thrilled to announce that my first horror novel, Haven, will be published by Cemetery Dance some time in 2015. More details as they become available.

I recently self-published my second short story on Amazon, Grando’s Traveling Sideshow. Please check it out and if you enjoy it, leave a review. It’s a horror story but not graphic. If you could stomach Stephen Drew playing for the Sox you will be fine.

My first short story, The Lake, is also available at Amazon. This is more mainstream, coming-of-age. I hope you enjoy it.

Everybody here has been very supportive over the years, thanks in advance for those who read and review. You’ve spent 99 cents on worse things, I’m sure.