Take another look at the sweet play by Xander Bogaerts that ended last night’s Red Sox game:

See that fist pump there? That’s exactly what I was doing too when the game ended. Granted, I was doing it in a much darker place, personally and financially speaking. But still, that’s what stealing a win from one of the AL’s best teams and snapping a losing streak all at once felt like. And it felt good.

Tonight, we find out if that win was a turning point for this team’s fortunes, or just a rare blip of the needles in our favor. We’ve got Jake Peavy on the hill and a line-up that includes Brock “The Human Torch” Holt, the back-to-form (at least for one game) Napoli and, of course, Mr. Bogaerts. Even against an Orioles team that has given us fits and starts for the past few years, I like our chances.

First pitch at 7:05pm my friends. Stay thirsty. And stay Xanderful.