To anyone in Detroit still suffering post-traumatic stress after David Ortiz’s tide-turning, Torii-hurtling grand slam in game two of the 2013 ALCS, last night was pretty much a bad trip down memory lane. Because just as the Red Sox seemed locked into what would have been their sixth straight loss, The Large Father stepped up with one out and two men on and did that thing he does so well, smashing a three-run homer and emptying Comerica of all non-essential personnel.

That it came against Joba Chamberlain was really just the icing.

I’ve honestly run out of adjectives to describe the man. But for the last decade, whenever hope seems lost or we need some kind of magic conjured at the zero hour, he’s been The Guy, with a capital G.

Aiding and abetting Papi was Brock Holt, who went 4-for-5 and has literally come out of nowhere to become one of the most reliable and potent bats in our offense.

Props to John Lackey as well, who turned in a crisp eight innings, striking out five and allowing only two runs for a much-deserved win. And how about Mike Napoli coming back into the line-up and getting two hits, including a home run? Man, that’s worth running shirtless through your neighborhood with cigarette in hand.

Is this the start of something? A turning point? The first salvo in another seven-game win streak? I’ll be damned if I can effectively plot any move this team makes this season. All I know is on a night we needed a win, Ortiz pulled another one out of his ass. And we were happy. And Ortiz was happy.


So was Lackey.


End of story.