I had a front-row seat to the shitshow that was yesterday’s game. Alright, it wasn’t quite a front row seat, more like a grandstand perch in the back of section 30. But that didn’t make seeing our boys get swept by the Milwaukee Brewers any easier to tolerate.

A lesser person might be ready to jump off a bridge or throw in the towel or call for the head of A.J. Pierzynski. Hell, pre-2004 me would have probably already been prescribed anti-depressants. But after witnessing three World Series titles in ten years–the latest completing an incomprehensible leap from last place to world champs–I can’t get down. Not yet. Not with less than a week’s worth of games as a sample size.

Tonight, we get John Lackey on the mound at Fenway for the first time since Game Six of the 2013 World Series. Just as The Lackster sealed up the win with a staggeringly good performance on that cold October night, I fully expect him to keep the Rangers in check and bring us our first home victory of 2014.

Talk about through the looking glass. Lackey is as close to a sure thing as this team’s got. And a three-game skid doesn’t have me on a whiskey bender.