After 2004, I can no longer be the guy who predicts how things are gonna go down. But I do believe that if the Sox win tonight, they are going to win the World Series.

That’s not to say that if they lose tonight they can’t come back and take two at Fenway. But if we win tonight, I don’t see St. Louis winning two straight in Boston. It’s just not in the cards, which is a horrible pun, but I’ve been drinking and stressing and freebasing Ovaltine for the last couple hours so please forgive.

Anyway, tonight we get a sequel to the Lester-Wainwright duel that kicked off the Series last Wednesday. I don’t expect another cakewalk; in fact, I expect Wainwright to be a little less touchable tonight. But I also know that Lester is a warhorse, and that he will not step to the mound until he has broken the “off” switch on the Asskick machine. And there is such a machine. They build them in Tokyo.

We’ve got momentum. We’ve got beards. We’ve got Bogaerts. And if we win tonight, we’ve got the Series. Just trust me. Fenway Magic, babies. Fenway Magic.

So… let’s go.