This post is gonna be quick. And it’s gonna be to the point.

Fact is it seems like the Orioles have had our number for so long, I almost can’t remember a time when Buck Showalter wasn’t grinning and rubbing his hands in the opposing team’s dugout, nodding in approval as his team dropkicks ours out of the standings.

No more, I say.

I want all three of these games. I want them so bad I can taste them. And they taste like victory, with perhaps a hint of parsnip.

This is go big or go home time. And since we’re already home, I choose go big. Take these three, get a 7-6 leg up on the Os in the season series, and push them a good 8.5 games back in the division.

You want October baseball? You gotta get through these guys. Sweep the leg. Take ’em down. Do whatever it takes. But don’t let Buck’s boys pound tits in our house.