I’m too bug-eyed and exhausted to give a rational assessment of last night’s/this morning’s Red Sox win over the Yankees. Let’s just say that it all came down to the magic of Mike “feast or famine” Napoli. He struck out three times, grounded into a double play, and launched two mighty homers, one of them being a walk-off beauty that finally ended this five-hour epic.

When he wasn’t hitting homers or making outs, Naps took some time to give Pedroia the official head butt greeting that bonds bald men everywhere. You can see it for yourself in the video above.

It’s another win, a continued hold on first place in the east, and one more game ahead of the Yankees. If I wasn’t so goddam tired, I might start worrying about facing the well-rested Rays later tonight. But it’s time for sleep.

Good night.