Before the 2013 season started, I pegged Lacko to be the surprise of the year. I even figured him to win somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 games.

I’m still holding to that prediction.

And even though the only thing that I’ve had in my stomach for the past 24 hours is a full bottle of Jamesons Irish Whiskey and a couple of waffles, I am as serious as a mother f$%king heart attack.

The first step toward this lofty goal, of course, is beating the Twins today. And I don’t know of anything intelligent I can add here. Minnesota is 18-21 and settling into the basement of the AL Central. The Red Sox are winners of four straight and looking to recapture that April vibe. What we have here are two teams heading in opposite directions so all Lackey needs to do, I reckon, is pull the strings and hope that the natural order of baseball takes its course.

So, yes, I am drunk. But I believe in the 2013 Red Sox. I believe in five in a row. I believe that frozen waffles slathered in peanut butter with a vodka chaser is actually good for me.

And I believe in John Lackey.