John Lackey and Jonny Gomes were guests on MLB TV’s Intentional Talk this afternoon, with Gomes re-affirming his role as The Guy Whose Soundbytes We Are Gonna Enjoy the Hell Out Of This Season.

Amongst other things, the pair talked a bit about the team’s post-victory meal in New York last night, and how Lackey picked up the tab. As he explained:

“Whoever’s makin’ the most or has the most time, you’ll go ahead and grab the check.”

I’m probably rooting more for Lackey than anyone else on the team this season. Sure, I’ll toss the barbs and crack wise. But at the end of the day, I want the guy to succeed, as his success means less chance of my ulcers flaring up or an unplanned stay at Betty Ford.

The Lackey Redemption Tour starts on Saturday. And I’ve got nothin’ but positive vibes for him.