There was an idea…

To bring together a group of former Red Sox managers. So that when we needed them, they could fight the battles that one Red Sox manager alone never could.

I have just received word that Mecha-Giambi has destroyed half of Manhattan. My question, gentlemen…

Is what are you prepared to do?

I’d send out my hottest hitter. Unfortunately, I’m resting him today.

I see. Grady Little, what you got?

I don’t see the need to act so soon. Sure, he’s destroyed half of Manhattan, but that mean’s there’s another entire half still standing. I’d just keep him in and see what happens.

Joe Kerrigan?

I have several notes and statistics on the enemy that I’ve summarized in 500 Powerpoint slides…

Actually, my bad, Joe. You were never supposed to have been invited here in the first place.

F$%k. Well, I saw that coming.

Jimy with one “m” Williams?

I say we hide Manhattan someplace where Mecha-Giambi can’t find it. Under my ridiculously oversized cap, for example.

Joe Morgan?


Butch Hobson?

I think cocaine.

Say what?

I don’t know.

Looks like I have little choice here, gentlemen. Agent Aceves?

Yes, sir?

Time to go to work.

Yes, sir!

::Flies with jetpack to downtown Manhattan. Fires three fastballs into Mecha-Giambi’s groin. Watches Mecha-Giambi collapse and dissolve into a pile of ashes. Returns to base.::

All done, sir.

Man, if I had someone like that on my team. No one would have stopped us.

Actually, Terry, you did have Agent Aceves last year.

Right. Anyway, I hope Bobby V can use this man’s powers wisely.

You can tell him that yourself. When he joins our group at the All-Star break.