Even Luke Scott's beard doesn't enjoy Luke Scott.

Look, ever since Luke Scott made some disparaging comments about Sox fans and Fenway, you knew he was going to get plugged. You knew it, he knew it, his anti-beard knew it. It was just a question of when.

Well, “when” turned out to be last night, during another frustrating Jon Lester start that saw the Rays belt three homers, including a grand slam. But once he got plunked, the night only became increasingly stranger.

First, the benches cleared, but the coaches seemed to be the ones doing most of the jabbering–Tim Bogar and Bob McClure in particular looked ready to start breaking chairs over players’ backs, a la Wrestlemania.

Then, BJ Upton got into it with the fans along the third base side, which is as much a good idea as shaking a fist at the Atlantic Ocean and shouting, “That’s it, you’re goin’ down!”

Lastly, after the game, Joe Maddon started talking like an extra in a James Cagney flick, asking “who put out the hit” on Scott and somehow managing to sound genuinely surprised by the very concept of hit batsmen. Either way, be on the lookout for some TB players showing up at the Fenway gates carrying violin cases this afternoon.

It sets an interesting tone for the rest of this series. The question is, which team will benefit more from this dust-up?