Cashman: Well, that’s that. Two wins out of three in Boston. Seven and a half game lead in the division. The East is ours and we can pretty much run out the B squad for September to get the boys nice and rested.

Headwarmer: Rested for what? Collapsing in a flaming heap come October?

Cashman: You can’t bring me down today, Headwarmer. The salad days are back, whether or not you choose to notice. New stadium, new dynasty.

Headwarmer: Let’s hit the beach, then. Our work is clearly done.

Cashman: It’s not just me saying it, Headwarmer. Look at today’s Post: “After the Yankees’ thick muscles crushed a season-high five home runs off Josh Beckett last night in an 8-4 victory that was witnessed by 38,008 at Fenway Park, they are 7½ games on top of their rivals, who will spend the rest of the regular season attempting to cop the wild card ticket to the playoffs”

Headwarmer: “The Yankees’ thick muscles”? What is that, gay porn?

Cashman: Here’s more: “The Red Sox, in the four essential series they’ve played over the last 2 ½ weeks, lost two of three to the Yankees, two of three to the Rangers, four of four to the Yankees and two of two to the Rays. Essentially, they are in trouble.”

Headwarmer: You’re giddy.

Cashman: With damn good reason. For once, everything paid off. The free agents are making hay. The stands are packed. The feeling is back. It’s all clicking and I honestly don’t see anyone stepping up to stop us.

Headwarmer: So it’s over? Clinched? Signed, sealed, delivered?

Cashman: I’ve never been more sure of anything, Headwarmer.

Headwarmer: Ah, yes. Reminds me of the last time you were on the cusp of certain victory. Cue flashback!

Cashman: You sure know how to give a guy hell, Headwarmer.

Headwarmer: ::lighting cigarette:: I never give ’em hell, baldy. I just tell the truth. And they think it’s hell.

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