First things first: In a semi-rebuttal to Denton’s post, I am an unabashed fan of Eric Wilbur’s blog, and actually enjoyed the post that was referenced. And not just because I relive that pants/shorts drama every friggin’ day.

But on to other things: As Brenken mentioned in the comments, why haven’t the makers of the Pappet been found? This thing was the hit of the post-season, so why don’t we know more about it? Why hasn’t it been the subject of a NESN special event? Why aren’t these folks on the cover of Popular Mechanics, or being courted with fancy lunches and fifty-dollar hookers by the bigwigs at MIT? Why aren’t they being invited onto the field before every home game to let the Pappet cut loose to the National Anthem (hey, call me a Commie… but I’d pay to see that). And, perhaps most importantly, why aren’t they on the Red Sox payroll, commissioned to construct replicas of the entire team, so that as the action takes place on the field, it can be re-enacted in the stands in puppet form?

The bottom line is this: Anyone who constructs a giant, fully-operational Jonathan Papelbon puppet with “dance action” legs, then brings said Pappet to the ballpark to hold it aloft as the real Papelbon lowers the hurt on opposing batters, is someone I want to party with. Or at the very least, personally thank.

Who are these people? Where are they? Anyone, someone… please come forward. If we can’t rightfully honor the makers of the Pappet, then the terrorists have truly won.