After a week in which they won a one-game Wild Card showdown with the Yankees and then sent the 100-game winning Rays packing in the ALDS, you can’t blame the Red Sox for wanting to let off some steam and celebrate all their recent good fortune. And even in the midst of the usual champagne and beer frenzy, they found a way to put their own unique stamp on the proceedings, singing to Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own.”

In the footage shown on NESN, no one was feeling themselves more than Christian Arroyo, who was basically putting on a one-man dinner theater performance. It was a little out there, and completely awesome.

With the other ALDS series winding down as I type, it looks like the 2021 ALCS will be a 2018 rematch: Red Sox vs. Astros. There’s a lot of intrigue and history there, but that’s for later. Right now, I’m gonna keep watching this clip on loop, and thank Chaim Bloom for making Arroyo a part of this team.