Maybe it’s the 34 beers talking, but last night’s Red Sox game was something of a snoozer. One of those “the offense ain’t having it tonight, so let’s just start thinking of tomorrow’s game” affairs.

But shit went nuts in the seventh, when John Farrell brought in the unfortunately but appropriately-named Fernando Abad. At one point the plate umpire called time, and as Abad stepped off the rubber, the third base ump called a balk. At least that’s the sequence of events as Farrell saw it; the umps didn’t agree. And as you can see, Farrell appropriate lost it.

That’s a lot of rage right there. As if he was purging every “why is John Farrell still employed by the Red Sox” headline from his system in one epic rant. It also illustrates a personal space violation so flagrant and disturbing, I’m convinced these two are legally married in some states.

Anyway, the Twitter response was overwhelmingly positive… and hysterical:

And I must point out that the Sox offense, perhaps fired up by this event did make a show of it in the ninth, getting the *winning* run to the plate after a bizarre “third strike passed ball goes up on net” play that plated a run. Sadly, Chris Young whiffed to leave ’em loaded by we were so far gone to Farrelville, it almost didn’t matter.