I know I make a big deal every year about not watching the All Star game and how the 1999 edition, featuring Pedro Martinez’s iconic performance, will forever represent this game’s pinnacle in my eyes. Well, it turns out that the 2016 game drew me in, not just because it was filthy with Red Sox representation, but because it offered yet another milestone in the amazing career of David Ortiz. His tenth All Star game, for which The Large Father served as a sort of Grand Marshall, did not disappoint, offering a nice balance of sentimentality and highlight reel clips.

The game kicked off in grand fashion with a rousing rendition of our National Anthem. And the world’s most awkwardly invasive camera angle.

Steven Wright scored the smile of the game during intros.

Jackie Bradley Jr. scored a cheap hit but a hit nonetheless.

David Ortiz earned a standing O and the admiration of his colleagues when he exited the game.

And Mookie scored the last word by inadvertently (or so we assume) strolling into the post-game interview.

Not pictured but still appreciated: a couple hits from Xander Bogaerts, who should have been here last year.