One of the coolest new visuals to spring up on the Fenway skyline is a billboard of Xander Bogaerts which portrays X firin’ off a throw while shilling for Majestic Apparel. Perhaps the best thing about it is that its perch on Lansdowne Street makes it totally visible inside Fenway, so that if you’re sitting anywhere around home plate or up the first base line, it looks as if a giant X is hovering over the centerfield wall:


And while I sometimes worry about jinxes when I see stuff like this — and there’d be nothing worse than a prolonged slump at home while your larger-than-life visage stares back at you — I’m in that camp that believes we haven’t seen X yet hit the height of his powers. And we got another hint of what “the Full X” might look like yesterday, when he launched a home run over the Monster to give the Red Sox all the runs they needed to get the win.

Big year coming for X, in which he looms large on the field and over it. Write that down.