I realize that with this post, SurvivingGrady.com has officially mentioned Xander Bogaerts more than his mom’s Facebook page. But let’s be honest: the kid has become the sole reason to keep tuning in to these games (or, as I like to call them, “medical emergencies requiring alcohol.”)

While the Red Sox flail away as a team, plating approximately zero runs over their last 18 innings and essentially chloroforming any momentum they had going into the All Star break, Xander has been a marvel of consistency, the only regular hitting over.300 and turning in practically one web gem per week.

It’s a quantum leap from last year at this time, when he was shuffled over to third and Stephen Drew got the keys to shortstop. Such mishandling by management might have broken a weaker kid. But Bogaerts is — or at least certainly seems like — the real deal.

I got no highlights from last night’s game to share. Hell, I’ve got nothing good to say about the last couple games, really. But I do have a shitload of Xander vines for your viewing pleasure. Have at ’em.

So, listen, Red Sox: do what you want for the balance of the year. Win, lose, buy, sell, implement my suggestion of “full service” massage parlors in the grand concourse. Whatever rocks your boat. Just keep giving us that Xander Magic and we’ll be just fine.