When Nap and Farrell were sent to the showers after arguing balls and strikes, I was actually kinda jealous. They got to walk away from this travesty. I sat up and watched every goddam minute of it, strapping myself into the nutstomp machine for yet another go-round.

It’s sad that on the heels of Eduardo Rodriguez’s brilliant performance the Sox couldn’t make it two in a row against the Rangers. Steven Wright gave us 5.2 serviceable innings, giving up 3 runs, which sounds about right for a knuckleballer. But the bullpen took it in the shorts, with Alexi Ogando and Craig Breslow giving up four runs over 1.2 innings. If I may be honest here, I love Craig Breslow the Man — good guy. But Craig Breslow the Pitcher makes me break out in hives every time he steps from the bullpen. Please; it needs to stop.

Meanwhile, the line-up still seems stuck in fits and starts. Mookie appears to be finding a groove, and Ramirez looked like his April self, driving a home run over the right field fence that put us within one run at the time. On the other hand, I don’t think poor X has had a hit since his 4-for-4 showing last Sunday. And Sandoval, amazingly, looks more appealing to me with a glove on his hand than he does holding a bat.

Look, I know that this is not a great team. But it seems at times that all they need is a little nudge, a little something to push them to an almost-great team. Because almost-great is all you need to be to with the AL East. let’s shoot for that.