Any night in which the Red Sox can only muster three hits and Allen Craig gets one of them is not gonna end well. So rather than dwell on how our lifeless bats wasted a fine Clay Buchholz outing, I’ll direct your attention to this vine of Hanley Ramirez eating a snack — the undisputed highlight of the evening.

Look at the effortless form and precision with which he flicks the crumbs from whatever he’s eating (Cheez-Its? Chips? Jack Links’ Tobacco ‘n’ Chive?) right out of his life. Sure, when we needed him to come up big as a pinch hitter with two men on in the late innings, he struck out looking. But I’m willing to give him the mulligan based solely on this clip.

If our line-up showed half as much poise at the plate as HanRam did in his snack game, we’d be bragging about how the Sox haven’t dropped a series yet in 2015. This is real.