ortiz_is_angryAs Red pointed out, ten years ago today was a landmark day for the Red Sox. The Varitek “glove sandwich” was literally the turning point of the 2004 season. Today falls at the other end of the spectrum, it will mark the end of the 2014 season in terms of playoff hopes.

After the excitement of the post-All-Star Game success, the past three days have been a real kick to the nuts. If things weren’t already over last night, today was the final whimper. A one-hit shutout that reeked of “get me on the plane for the next series.” If all that wasn’t bad enough, Ortiz pulls up lame on a check swing.

Here’s the thing: tomorrow the Red Sox face David Price for the first time since Papi’s “little bitch” comment. Unless he’s in a wheelchair tomorrow, he better be in the line-up or it will be the biggest pussy move in a long time.

What do you think – Will Ortiz face David Price?