Back on April 22nd, David Ortiz hit the longest home run at Fenway Park in nearly a decade. The blast off of Masahiro Tanaka made it all the way up into the Upper Bleachers – a rare feat at the historic ballpark.

So where exactly did the home run land? And where’s your best bet for snagging a less herculean home run at Fenway?

The home run hit by Ortiz landed just above the tunnel in Bleacher Section 38, at about Row 8. For most weekday Red Sox games, these are among the cheapest seats in the Park, averaging $20-$30 on the secondary market. After all, you don’t expect much when you sit 500 feet away, and you certainly don’t expect home run balls to come flying your way!

According to the Home Run Tracker, there were exactly 0 home runs hit into Bleacher Section 38 and adjacent Sections 37 and 39 in 2013. There were a couple that painted the back rows of Section 40, but nothing that made it all the way to the Upper Bleachers.

Unfortunately for Red Sox fans, most home runs end up in the right-field bullpens or in the Monster Seats, where tickets are hard to come by.

As surprising as it may be, your best chance to catch a ball may be just to the left of the 420-foot sign in Bleacher Section 36.The first few rows of this section had the highest density of home runs that reached the seats (excluding the Monster Seats) in 2013. And like Bleacher Section 38 – where Ortiz’s blast landed – these seats only average about $25 for most weekday games.

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