Hey, they can’t all be gems. Those Dwight Evans first pitch home runs to start the season are few and far between. So I won’t sit and stew over our opening day loss to the Orioles. Because despite our current last place standing in the East (pessimists unite!), a lot of good came from this game.

First and foremost, Jon Lester looked sharp, striking out 8 through 6 and giving up just two runs. That’s the kind of performance we’ll take any time.

Second, the Grady Sizemore Feel-Good Story hit a high note, as he went 2-for-4 with a home run, allowing me to put away the Rocco Baldelli and John Smoltz bobblehead totems for at least another day. Hell, we may get more mileage out of this domain name after all.

Lastly, the Red Sox’ bats–or should I say most of them–fared well, with the wind probably robbing at least three home runs. Napoli and Ortiz nailed a couple that looked like, on any other day, they could have left the yard. And Xander clocked a long drive to left that I was so convinced was going out, I flailed my arms and spilled my first beer of this young season. So I am already in mid-season form, people.

On the other hand, Nava, AJ and Middlebrooks went a combined 1-for-12. But it’s day one. Everyone gets a mulligan.

Today we get the buzzkill that is the “off day after opening day,” but with the Sox headed to the White House, I imagine that there will be government-sanctioned hijinks. Stay tuned.

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