As Opening Day edges ever closer, and hunger for real baseball becomes insatiable, any sort of Red Sox ephemera becomes the Holy Grail. Case in point: the video of Jonny Gomes shaving that almost broke the Internet (at least in my house). And now, a video of a couple Red Sox players trying on new gloves.

Yes, it’s “glove day,” people. Apparently an annual event in which the Wilson “Glove Master” shows up at Spring Training to hook everybody up. The video below is worth a view just to hear Pedroia say that “when you have the right glove broken in, it’s like a party.” Or to hear Gomes say he just “follows the glove.” Or for Napoli’s T-shirt.

Shit gets real once the Glove Master hits town. This ain’t fast food, baby. It’s Red Sox baseball. And it’s coming soon.

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