Last year at this time, I was wondering just how much further the Red Sox could sink. Tonight, they’re hosting game one of the 2013 ALCS at Fenway Park, AKA church, AKA The Happiest Place on Earth (with respect to Disney World).

I’ve never been good with my predictions. But I know this series is going at least six. Maybe seven if it follows the pattern of the last four ALCS we’ve been in. And no matter what you read in the funny papers, the Red Sox are the ALCS underdogs. A last place team going against the reigning AL champs? And a team stacked with Verlander and Cabrera and crew, no less? Yep, we’re the underdogs.

This week, there’ll be no sleep for me. Just lots of pacing. Lots of shouting. Lots of beer- and Red Bull-quaffing. Lots of cheering (hopefully). Lots of jeering. And, hopefully, by week’s end, another milestone to be celebrated.

And I can’t wait for it to get started.

8:07pm tonight, my friends. Here we go.