world series 2013


This is the last thing I thought I would be writing about today. The 2013 Boston Red Sox, a team I had pegged for about 81 wins, takes the field at Fenway Park with a shot at their third World Series in ten years. It took me the entire season to get behind these guys, the bad taste of September 2011 and the entire 2012 season was just too hard for me to get rid of. But once the playoffs started and I saw what these guys did to Tampa Bay, I was all in.

Since the playoffs started, Red and I have done a couple of Podcasts and the question came up: if the Sox fall short of winning the World Series, would it be a failed season? I hold to my answer that there is no way a team that had 93 losses last season and ¬†made it this far this season could be a disappointment. But now that it’s so close, I want it.

If the Red Sox can pull this off, it will be a close second to the 2004 championship. They will have gone from worst to first despite losing two closers and Clay Buchholz for half the year. John Farrell will be Manager of the Year and John Lackey will be Comeback Player of the Year. And three championships in ten years? Man, I want this.

And the beards. Don’t forget the beards.