lilortizWith all due respect to the St. Louis Cardinals, it’s going to take more than “baseball’s friendliest fans” to stop the freight train that is the 2013 Boston Red Sox. This team has defied the odds and faced every adversity thrown its way, yet here they are about to take baseball’s biggest stage. I am humbled by what they’ve already accomplished, and amazed at what they could still accomplish, starting tonight.

As for the video, it seems a lifetime ago that my Boston Marathon was cut short by a half mile, along with thousands of others, and that we heard about the tragedy at the finish line. I don’t think it’s ever been made official, or even spoken of, but I feel like that horrible event may have helped cement the bond that keeps this team winning. It would be a great tribute to close out the season with a championship, after the senseless, cowardly act that marred the beginning.

Just over an hour to first pitch.