Rocky-Mountain-OystersYeah, that game was a steaming plate of sheep’s balls. Lackey didn’t have his best stuff and the mile-high air might have helped a couple of those homeruns, but the result is still a loss. That leaves the Red Sox clinging to a tenuous one game lead for best record in the American League.

The concern really has to be the team’s inability to score runs at times. Come October, there won’t be any creampuffs taking the hill to throw batting practice. The Sox will be facing the best pitching in the AL, and that has been a problem for this team all year. If there is an advantage to be had, they will need it. And that means winning out to get home field.

Lackey’s ERA is almost two full runs better at home, and who wants to potentially play four games in Oakland or Detroit. It’s not time to pull off the throttle just yet. I understand the importance of rest and getting the rotation lined up for the playoffs, but home field is more important.

So they need to go out and kick the crap out of the Rockies, the way they did in 2007, the way it was meant to be.