Not actually, but he did say all the things you’re supposed to say before a heavily-hyped match-up between two teams that could very well find themselves in the World Series come October.

Like how he wants to beat Boston in all three games of this series “bad.” And how his time playing in Boston was just “a bad experience.” Hey, I wouldn’t mind a $142 bad experience. Where the f$%k do I sign up for that?

Anyway, the pure and honest truth is that the Boston fans got on Crawford because the guy didn’t produce, pure and simple. When he wasn’t nursing some kind of injury, he was struggling to keep his head above water at the plate. I rooted for the guy. I honestly wanted to see him do well. But I won’t say I shed any tears when he left.

It’s not surprising that he feels compelled to talk crap now that he’s outta town; that’s kinda “post-trade 101” for a lot of players. But any time he wants to send back that cash or donate it to the Jimmy Fund — you know, just to wash his hands completely of that “bad experience” — we’ll be happy to take it.