Yesterday may have been the KING OF DAYS. We had a new season of Arrested Development, a Sunday-before-a-holiday to encourage binge drinking, and a Red Sox come-from-behind win that I am happy to declare the biggest win of 2013. So far.

This was the kind of walk-off win that conjured images of 2004 and 2007. Down by three in the bottom of the ninth, the Sox got the first two batters on only to see the next two retired. Right there, this game was supposed to be a hang-wringing loss. A “what-if” to discuss as we polish off the beers and turn our attention to the Memorial Day cookout.

But then Gomes walked. And Drew cracked a single. And Iglesias–in one of the most harrowing at-bats of the season–walked. And by the time Ellsbury stepped up to face a new pitcher and try to bring it all home, I was already pantsless and punching walls in euphoria. One pitch later, we had the W.

Never mind the fact that it put the Sox into a tie for first place and gave them nine wins in their last twelve games as they come into the last week of the month. This last-minute victory inspired me to make bold predictions. So here they are:

1. This team is going to make the playoffs

2. They are going to make the trip to the postseason insanely enjoyable

Nothing gels a team like a walk-off pile-up. And seeing Papi lead the charge frm the dugout, trying to wrap his beef arms around the whole goddam team and carry them off to his secret land of magic and smoked meats, I turned to my beer and said, “This is a team that’s gonna fight its balls off.”

My beer didn’t respond but I’m pretty sure it felt the same way.