April in New England means rain. At least the Red Sox didn’t wait until the stadium was filling up on $12 beers before calling the game. While I lube up for the Celtics-Heat game, I’ll share some random thoughts.

I agree with Don Mattingly: Carlos Quentin should be suspended for as long as Zack Greinke is unable to play. There is no way Greinke hit Quentin on purpose in that situation, and the video clearly shows Quentin could have avoided it. As much as I love a good brawl, that’s a tough loss for the Dodgers. The two teams start another series Monday.

I caught Larry Bird’s 50 Greatest Moments last night. Man, do I miss that guy. I’ll debate anyone on Bird being the greatest player ever. Watch the videos if you’re too young to have enjoyed his days here. Kobe, Jordan, LeBron are all great athletes and great players, but none of them have the heart or the drive Larry had.

Going to see 42 tomorrow night, can’t wait.

Running the marathon on Monday…I have no idea why.

Loving the $1 daily contests on DraftKings. Tonight I’m in the MLB Daily Dollar [$100 Guaranteed, Single Entry] contest.

Stephen Drew had a single for the Sox last night. Jose Iglesias had a home run for the PawSox.