Well, I am anyway. I have no idea where Red disappeared to, but if I were Heidi Watney, I’d be very worried. Me? I spent a week with the dregs of the global society in Disney World. For all of the magic and splendor Disney creates, the clientele really puts a damper on things for me. It was like a casting call for The Biggest Loser: Family Edition. And dumb? Hell yeah. They need to think about a mandatory IQ test before they let people in the park. When did it become a good idea for an entire family (all grossly obese) to congregate at the entrance to a ride, blocking access for normal people and creating a human fire hazard? But honestly, the place is amazing and we had a blast.

What does any of this have to do with the Red Sox, or even baseball? Nothing. I was pretty much out of touch the entire time. Cy Young winners announced, MVPs tonight. Thoughts? Bring me up to speed, people! And keep an eye open for a pale redheaded guy, would you?