I don’t care if it’s Spring Training, regular season, or Tecmo Baseball: I see the score Red Sox 1, Yankees 0, and I do the happy dance.

And if your day needed a little dose of Bobby Valentine heroics, look no further.

He built a deck, too

This was an offseason project, adding a deck to his home, 12 feet off the ground, sturdy enough to hold a hot tub. Valentine bought books on building and designing decks. He bought a video tape, too. He bought tools and lumber, and then he built a deck.

Here’s an important footnote: Somewhere along the way, a guy told Valentine only a professional could build a deck that would hold a hot tub.

That warning only doubled the challenge for Bobby V, and so he built himself a deck.

“They said it couldn’t be done,” Valentine said. “I used a three-four-five pythagorean theory to square that corner. I still remember that. I couldn’t get that sucker square.”

 So, add the use of “pythagorean theory” to the list of things you will never hear another baseball manager utter. March 14th and I’m already sick of this guy.