Not knowing who's batting is part of the magic of spring training

And thus officially begins the greatest and most frustrating time of the year.

Greatest because baseball is back. And God knows we’ve waited long enough for its return. But frustrating because I know in just a couple weeks, I’ll be tired of the palm trees and Hawaiian shirts in the stands and be begging for games on Fenway’s hallowed lawn.

Still, the Sox’ annual beat-down of college kids lifts my Coors-soaked heart. Because it’s the first step. The first stage of the 2011 season. And now, having trounced the college kids by a combined score of 74-3*, the Sox will take on their peers. And we use the term “peers” loosely, as they’ll be playing the Twins in not only the first official Grapefruit League game, but also the first sure-to-be-epic round of the Mayor’s Cup.

March brings us a whole month of spring training baseball and St. Patrick’s Day. Who am I to fast-forward into April?

*We kid. Here are the details.