Hank, I am your father.

There’s been a lot of talk over the past few years about how winning may have dulled the intensity of Red Sox fans. How even the rivalry with the Yankees has lost its edge since the emasculation in the 2004 ALCS. Maybe the real issue has been the lack of someone in a Yankee leadership role for Red Sox Nation to focus their hatred on.

Sure, we can taunt A-Rod for steroids and affairs and being fed popcorn and for generally being a pathetic caricature of a superstar. We can hate on Jeter and his cocky¬†smarminess¬†(OK, maybe I made that word up?) and pray for another .270 season. We can scream “Mrs. Teixeira” at that oh-so-punchable face playing first for the pinstripes. But all that is like hating the Stormtroopers. What we really need is a Darth Vader.

Since the demise of King George, the Evil Empire just hasn’t been the same. Granted, a convicted felon for an owner is a hard act to follow, even for one sharing the same polluted DNA. Hank tried to follow in his father’s footsteps early on, but he faded away quickly.

Earlier this week, I thought he might be growing a pair when “Mansion-Gate” surfaced, but he soon backpedaled, something dear old dad never would have done.

It seems the Death Star is headless, and we need the next Darth Vader. Come on, Hank, step it up.