Today, I’m full of the love.

Why? Because after Saturday’s near-miss, our boys came back to pocket a rollercoaster win yesterday, beating the Mariners 9-7 in 12.

Because Dave McCarty (who for some reason looks more like a prog-rock bassist than a ballplayer to me) came up big with a walk-off two run homer when it was least expected.

Because the Schill-dog threw five and two-thirds of perfection at us.

Because Pokey — man, oh man, Pokey! — looked brilliant at short, turning in a coupla defensive gems that had me visualizing Nomar playing second.

Because Keith Foulke blew his first save of the season, then bounced back where too many other closers have crumbled like cookies.

Because Kevin Youkilis continued to mash the ball, getting three hits and no doubt prompting Bill Mueller to reach for the antacids.

Because after the Sox seemed to blow the game in the top of the eighth, the team staged a comeback in the bottom of said inning, capped by Andy Domanique’s first major league hit, which tied the game and let all of New England know that it’s okay to wig out and guzzle your beer and jump around like you’ve just won the lottery because this is a team that’s got some fight in it and, damn it, they’re not gonna go down like that. It just ain’t gonna happen.

Because the Nomar rehab watch has officially begun. So he pulled an o-fer. Who cares? We’ve got love in the house.

Because today is Monday, Memorial Day, and my office is closed and the sun is shining and there’s an afternoon game at Fenway Park.

Because we have a new baby, who will be in my arms sleeping through her first game this afternoon.

Because this is the year, man. This is the year.