I’ve decided to ignore some of the negative aspects of yesterday’s 5-4 Sox loss. I’m going to ignore Tim Wakefield’s ineffective performance, including three walks, ten hits, five ER’s and an error. Shouldn’t the knuckler have been “dancing” in windy Fenway and been a little more unhittable? I’m going to ignore Damon’s 0-for-5, Youki’s 0-for-4 and even Varitek’s 0-for-2. I’m going to assume that Mirabelli is OK after coming up lame on his RBI double.

Yup, not going to even mention any of that. I’m a very positive guy. I look at things like more scoreless innings by the bullpen, another monster shot by Manny, and two more hits and a walk by Bellhorn. Most of all, I’m positive that if Ortiz’s double hadn’t bounced into the stands that Bellhorn would have scored, and the game would have gone into extra frames. And I also know the Sox pen would have outdueled the M’s pen and got the win. So, one bad bounce among all the good things, big deal.

In other news..

Nomar will start in Pawtucket tonight.

Trot continues to play pain-free in extended spring training games.

But the best story of all is reported on RedSox.com…

A nice gesture: Prior to Friday night’s game, Sox DH David Ortiz put a box in the middle of the clubhouse requesting donations to help aid the victims of the recently massive flood in the Dominican Republic.

Following his second at-bat Friday night, Ortiz came into the clubhouse and found out that Christopher Burks, the nine-year-old son of Ellis, had put $50 dollars in the box. The younger Burks had just received some money from his father.

Ortiz was touched by the gesture of little Christopher, and said it provided inspiration for the grand slam he struck in the fifth inning to lead the Sox to an 8-4 victory.

“I saw him reading the box,” Ortiz said. “He’s just nine years old. When I heard about that, I was about to cry. He was the first one that came to the box. It made me feel great. I can’t believe this … how a young guy could be that nice. I got kind of excited and my mind was different and everything was different when I went out there, and I hit a home run. Things happen. It kind of changed me.”

Burks took pride in the gesture by his son.

“My wife and I, we have four kids, we try to raise them right,” said Burks.