Who’s head will the Fenway Unfaithful be screaming for first, Lowe’s or Francona’s? You stake your “Number Three” starter to a 2-run lead, and you think it will last more than an inning. No. On a series of mental mistakes and bad decisions, Derek and Terry gave the two runs right back. Lowe starts off by walking the eighth hitter, Relaford (one of 3 walks against the 8 and 9 hitters). On a would-be double play, Pokey can’t make the relay to first because, well, Lowe isn’t covering. As it turns out, the runner at second is safe because Pokey came off the bag early. That would turn out to be a blessing for Lowe, who would not get charged with earned runs when they eventually scored. Lowe gets the next two batters but that brings up Sweeney with first base open, who is hitting 400+ career against Lowe. Maybe time for an intentional walk, with 0-for-7 versus Lowe Matt Stairs on deck? Nahhhh. Lowe works the count to 1 and 2, then serves up a bases clearing double, tie ball game. For the record, Stairs flied out harmlessly. Now let’s talk about the sixth. A single to Randa followed by a sacrifice bunt and a fly-out. Man on second, two out with the eighth and ninth hitters due up. Uh-oh. Lowe walks BOTH Relaford and DeJesus (who is batting .043 this year). Berroa singles in the go-ahead run, bases are still loaded and Beltran coming up. Francona has seen enough. Thank you. Now you know Williamson or Embree is coming in to stop the bleeding, and the Sox will put up a few more runs, right? Right? Wrong! Enter Mark Malaska. Now, the guy has done great this year, but do you really want him facing one of the best hitters in the AL in a critical game situation? Especially when Beltran, who is a switch-hitter, is better batting righty? Needless to say, a bases clearing double. Bad decisions. And how about Lowe’s antics during all of this? The swearing, the banging of the glove, the ripping off of the shirt? Come on. Maybe Francona had to pull him in the sixth to change his diaper.