That crashing sound you heard was Byung-Hyun Kim getting tossed back into the bullpen after failing once again to put up a respectable showing. And against the Injuns, no less! Anyway, Arroyo, at least right here and now, seems better suited for the starting rotation anyway, so this could all work out perfectly. To be honest, I was more disappointed in the bats. This offense seems eerily reminiscent of past line-ups that came up big one night, only to be silenced the next. Inconsistency. It doesn’t help that against the Sox, the Indians batters seem to channel the ghosts of Toby Harrah and Andre “Thunder” Thornton.

But tonight, we get C.C. Sabathia’s cap, which is far more interesting than C.C. himself. See how it cocks to one side. See how it seems to magically stay in place, despite its precarious “gangsta” positioning. Oh, C.C.’s cap… you make it all worthwhile.

Also, there’ll be a game.