After a spectacular showing on Saturday, in which Curt Schilling shut down the Royals and Pokey Reese belted two home runs — one an inside the park job that no doubt left viewers as breathless as the Pokester as he finllay slide across the plate — the Sox simply got dumped on Sunday.

It’s sad, too, because on paper, this one was a no-brainer. KC Pitcher Darrell May was 0-4 with a 7-something ERA, facing an offense that had finally come to life, scoring 31 runs over the past four games. But damned if they couldn’t get anything going against May. The pinnacle of frustration was Bill Mueller’s weak ground out with the bases loaded, capping a 13-pitch at bat that saw at least one foul ball go home run distance. Not helping the cause, one of Friday night’s heroes, Bellhorn, put up an 0-for-5. Man, do I miss Todd Walker.

Also, here come the Yankees.