Could things in Red Sox Nation be any better than they are right now? Seriously, 29-17, on a 5-game win streak, Foulke 10-for-10 in saves, Ortiz and Manny bitch-slapping baseballs and of course, supermodels throwing out the first pitch.

Two nights ago they treated Tim Hudson like one of the Hudson Brothers, and last night they banged out enough hits and runs to survive another bad Derek Lowe outing.

In vintage Dewey Evans style, Varitek blasted a three-run homer after an intentional walk to Manny in front of him.

Kevin “livin’ la vida Youki” has reached base in all 8 games since coming North on 95.

The biggest controversy Dennis and Callahan could stir up was why the Sox wore Red uniforms last night.

On the dark side…

Stankee pitching continues to struggle. Mussina limped through 5.1 last night giving up 5 runs, and bringing his ERA to an even 5.

Gabe White blew his second save, fourth overall for NY.

Contreras’ ERA is over 7, and continues to be the best deal Theo didn’t make.

Faithful followers of the Jeter Watch were dismayed when his 3-for-5 performance last night lifted his average to .200 even.