For years, my automatic response whenever a Red Sox game went to shit was to pick up the nearest chair and toss it into the wall. Or put my fist through a window. Or kick an ottoman like Gostkowski aiming for the uprights.

Thankfully, I have mellowed with age. For instance, when the Sox dropped the 18 inning marathon that was game three, I merely tossed a few Bud Light bottles into my backyard. Yes, they were both on fire, but still.

That’s why I’m always happy to see the players get as fired up as me when things aren’t going right. Last night, after Grandpa Rich Hill kept the Sox tied up in knots, Chris Sale apparently reached his breaking point, launching a tirade in the dugout that, as far as I can see, features something about Hill having “just two pitches” and includes a shit-ton of expletives.

Whatever was said, it seemed to have impact. By one account, the outburst left young Devers frightened for his life. More importantly, the Sox tore it open in the late innings, scoring nine times from the 7th through the 9th, and positioning themselves one win away from duck boats.

It was immediately reminiscent of the last time a Sox player lost his shit in the dugout and rallied the troops. I don’t recall the Sox losing another game in that series after this. Maybe we’ll see history repeat itself.