We’ve spent the better half of the year hearing about the blood and thunder that Aaron Judge was gonna rain down on us. How the Yankees’ massive missile-clocker was like Jeter and Reggie and Teixeira rolled into one and we’d all rue the day he slipped into the AL East.

For at least the first part of this season, it may have seemed true. But over the past month, especially against the Red Sox, Judge has been a non-entity. Instead, Red Sox young guns Andrew Benintendi and Rafael Devers have been the power players in this rivalry, coming up huge (or so it seems) whenever we need them.

Last night, when everything seemed lost, and Joe Kelly and Heath Hembree combined to give the Yanks a 6-3 lead in the top of the seventh, Benny was again the spark plug in a comeback rally, contributing a hit and RBI in a 4 run rally that put the Sox on top for good. Adding more to his legend, Benny also dropped a well-timed “fuck you” in the direction of the home plate ump who called a way high pitch for stroke one during his at-bat.

So this morning, we stand in first place with five games between us and the Yanks. We’ve got Chris Sale on the hill, and if history serves as any indication, we will likely be six games up this time tomorrow. Arrogant pride? No, ma’am. The Sox are just really, really good right now. And the Yankees are reeling.

F-bombs away!