With Spring training in full swing, Denton finally paying off his Super Bowl bets and just one month away from the big start of the 2017 MLB season, our thoughts have turned the prospect of the season to come. With Big Papi gone and the anticipation of the league’s best starting pitcher Chris Sale starting in our roster for this season, quite how the Red Sox pulled one off is still entirely beyond us, we once again go into April with dreams of a first World Series since 2004.

Around this time of year we like to offer our fellow Red Sox fans some tips on exactly how you can best watch the game, what you will need to max out the enjoyment and how to add a little extra excitement to the mighty Red Sox so here is your checklist.

This is around the time that you need to start working out who your match buddies will be, this is a careful selection process which needs to be done with care. You may have a great buddy who is a fellow Sox fan, but watching the game together just doesn’t work, it can be hard to find the right combination of friend and game partner so you need to start thinking about this early to make the best decision.

Best TV Possible
It goes without saying that if you can’t get to the games then you need to have the finest television available where you can watch the game. If your TV back home isn’t the best then think about which friends of yours have a great set and start your moves to watch the game at their place a good while before the season begins.

Add some extra fun to the game by backing the Red Sox on the best money line that you can find, NFL online betting is no match to MLB in my opinion, you can get stronger odds and there are usually far more upsets. Trust me, when the Red Sox win this year and you have some money on it, that victory will taste so much sweeter.

Full Day Experience
When the game is on you need to turn it into a full day experience, start the day with some classic videos, watch all of the hype leading up to the first pitch and chat baseball from the word go. To truly maximize the potential fun which you can have when the game is on, start the party from the morning and then after the game is done, get the highlights on.

Snacks and Drinks
You need to make sure that you are bringing a strong drinks and snacks game for the baseball and you should start thinking ahead of time how you are going to approach this. If you are inviting the guys around for the game then you are going to be judged heavily on your options so make sure that you don’t embarrass yourself.