Hello, it’s me.

You may not have noticed, but for the first time in like 11 years, I took the whole goddam winter off from blogging. I spent my time getting fat, drinking excessively and keeping the company of questionable women. It was, of course, heart-stoppingly awesome. But now I’m back. And I apologize in advance for returning.

The first step to getting back on the horse was checking out last night’s Boston Baseball Writers Awards Dinner at the Copley Marriott. No, I wasn’t invited, but any schlemiel with $200 can grab a ticket, so I did. And I figured I’d make up for the spend by drinking myself comatose. Then I found out it was a cash bar. So I downed two $40 Bud Lights and hit the floor.

The highlights of the night, in no particular order, were telling Tim Wakefield that 2004 saved my life, shaking Mookie’s hand and asking if he had sustained any bowling injuries that we should be worried about, and having the chance to say a proper goodbye to Don Orsillo, who was on hand to receive the Tommy McCarthy Good Guy Award.

Because I love you all, I recorded DO’s speech in its entirety, video highlights and all. Please excuse the shoddy camera work, but I was trying to covertly steal the guy sitting next to me’s chocolate mousse. And enjoy the magic when DO references a very special message from “friend and sometimes nemesis” Terry Francona.