I’m a sucker for any mention of the Red Sox in movies. I’m not talking about movies that feature the Sox, like that Jimmy Fallon thing a decade ago, I’m talking about the Sox mentioned in the periphery. It’s no secret I think Robin Williams’ “game six” story in Good Will Hunting should have won him an Oscar, pure cinematic brilliance.

Lat night, instead of suffering through another Red Sox offensive drought, I stumbled upon an old favorite of mine: Summer of Sam. Having lived through the real events  – yes, I’m old – the movie always fascinated me. It’s not so much a chronicle of the Son of Sam killings as it is a character study on the impact the killings had on a tight-knit New York neighborhood.

Anyway, the scene I forgot about is just a quick mention of the Red Sox – which doesn’t end well for the Red Sox fan. Take into consideration the Yankee fans are a couple of knuckle-dragging thugs whose collective IQ doesn’t break a hundred. Is that a redundant statement? Anyway, enjoy (if the embedded video isn’t visible here is the clip)…