After rolling through the post-season undefeated, the Royals suffered a loss in game one of the World Series. The loss came at the hands of one Madison Bumgarner, which has to be one of the all-time worst baseball names ever. It sounds like the rich, know-it-all kid in an eighties sitcom that nobody likes. Say it out loud, Bumgarner…

With what little interest I have in this Series, I’m rooting for the Royals. They just seem like a bunch of average Joes that nobody expected anything out of, seeing how they’ve been an AL doormat for the past 20 years. Their 89-73 record is just their third winning season since 1994 and this is their first playoff appearance since their World Series win in 1985.

If the Giants go on to win, it would be their third in five years and the dynasty talk will begin. Who needs that shit?