Here’s the quick summary of benefits to reading this post:

  • It’s not an ice bucket challenge
  • It won’t cost you $100, or even $10
  • It has nothing to do with Market Basket
  • The Red Sox didn’t lose a game

I wrote a short story titled The Lake and self-published it on Amazon. It’s fiction and I tried to put a lot of raw emotion into it. I’m asking SG Nation to support me and drop $0.99 on the story. If you hate it, feel free to say so on Amazon. If you enjoy it, please do the same.

In February of 1978 a group of boys meet at the town lake for a pick-up hockey game. When a middle-school outcast shows up and bests the town bullies, things go tragically wrong. Years later, a man returns to the lake to face the memories that have haunted him since that fateful day. The Lake is a short story that will captivate the reader with its honesty and harsh reality.

Thanks in advance,