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Looks like we’ve officially survived two Gradys. Word from Red Sox HQ is that Grady Sizemore has been designated for assignment. It’s an announcement that no one should be surprised by, except for, possibly Grady Sizemore himself and maybe Tommy Lee from Motely Crue, because I don’t think he pays attention to much.

Sizemore was the feel-good story of spring training and 2014 Opening Day, when he hit a home run and sent our hearts spinning at the possibilities. Since then, however, the ride’s been pretty wretched. As boston.com points out, he hit just .216 over 52 games, with two home runs, and only 14 extra-base hits. That’s still better than Jackie Bradley Jr. Or at least it feels like it is.

The fact that Sizemore was ownership’s Plan B for losing Ellsbury didn’t make this whole affair any better. But that might be the reason that, in a season in which practically every player has had a hand in sinking this team to sub-.500 levels, Sizemore — at least until Drew showed up — seemed the lightning rod for our angst and anger. Makes sense, though; when we signed a guy named Grady, we could already see the writing on the wall.

A comeback would have been a pretty cool story. Just like the Rocco Baldelli thing would have been. And the John Smoltz thing. And that other thing where we became a safe haven for every starting pitcher that the Yankees cut loose. But it wasn’t. And, as they say, that’s baseball. Not every reclamation project turns into Tim Wakefield.

And while I’m glad I won’t have to see him step to the plate with runners in scoring position, I feel for Grady Sizemore, and wish him well. And good luck with the inevitable pick-up by the Yankees.