The Red Sox have finally battled back to the point they can hold their heads high and call themselves a winning team. Now, I’ve never been one to tolerate any of the pre-2004 “curse” talk, but seeing their record sitting at 19-18 is a little freaky. The good news: the Red Sox travel to the land of…whatever is in Minnesota to play the Twins. This series has sweep written all over it, and if the Tigers can do us a solid, we might be looking at first place.

In lieu of any meaningful stats or baseball-related stuff, the staff has done some research and come up with the following fun facts about Minnesota:

  • For many years, the world’s largest twine ball has sat in Darwin. It weighs 17,400 pounds, is twelve feet in diameter, and was the creation of Francis A. Johnson.
  • The stapler was invented in Spring Valley.
  • The world’s largest pelican stands at the base of the Mill Pond dam on the Pelican River, right in downtown Pelican Rapids. The 15 1/2 feet tall concrete statue was built in 1957.
  • In Olivia a single half-husked cob towers over a roadside gazebo. It is 25 feet tall, made of fiberglass, and has been up since 1973.
  • Black Sabbath’s first single was a cover of “Evil Woman” by Minneapolis’s own Crow.

So there you go. All that and a crappy baseball team too.